11 Technology Tools for Reading Classrooms

  • Kahoot – try it to review literary elements (more tips)
  • Seesaw – try it to for a reflection on reading
  • Spark Video – try it for a book trailer
  • Padlet – try it for a KWL pre-reading activity
  • Today’s Meet – try it for a read aloud backchannel (more tips)
  • Explain Everything – try it for strategy tutorials
  • Nearpod – try it for annotating text
  • New York Times VR – try it to provide background knowledge (more tips)
  • Spark Page – try it to publish book recommendations (more tips)
  • Buncee – try it for shareable reading responses (more tips)
  • Popplet – try it to organize thinking
  • Spark Post – try it for a virtual exit slip (more tips)